• Le système de communication extérieur CEECOACH PLUS est le partenaire idéal pour les activités sportives et les loisirs d'un maximum de 16 participants.

  • Le système de communication extérieur CEECOACH PLUS est le partenaire idéal pour les activités sportives et les loisirs d'un maximum de 16 participants.
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Sharing Experiences.
Together. Now.

Experience more together: The new CEECOACH PLUS communication system from peiker CEE keeps you connected in any situation. Make group sport a special experience with outdoor activities for up to 16 users. CEE Intercom Technology ensures a secure network with a range of up to 700 metres. The CEECOACH PLUS uses active speech recognition – no more pressing buttons to speak. It also allows easy communication, familiarisation with the surroundings and the shared fun of sport. The CEECOACH PLUS makes it all possible.

CEECOACH PLUS – Simultaneous speaking

Share experiences in real time.

The CEECOACH PLUS outdoor communication system is the ideal team partner for group sport and leisure activities. Ski touring is more fun because the CEECOACH PLUS lets you stay in contact with the group. Full-duplex data transmission lets up to 16 users converse at once. The CEECOACH PLUS optimises team coordination and interaction with simultaneous, hands-free communication – at a range of up to 700 metres. No more pressing buttons to speak like with walkie-talkies. Foresight ensures more safety in the group – avoid unexpected detours on your next mountain bike adventure. Getting a clear picture, being able to react ahead of time – the CEECOACH PLUS promotes shared experience as well as user safety, whether you're downhill biking, ski touring or on a hike.

CEECOACH PLUS – Easy pairing

Face any situation head on.

Whether you're snowboarding with friends in the snowy Alps or out for a cross-country group ride on horseback: the One-Click-To-Connect system connects all users quickly. Our specially developed CEE Intercom Technology creates a private network across the CEECOACH PLUS units. And unlike smartphones or radios, it works independently of Wi-Fi, mobile or radio networks. If one cyclist sprints far ahead of the pack, the Re-Connect function will re-establish a connection with all users as soon as the distance has been closed. If the next outing involves the same users, no pairing of devices is necessary.

CEECOACH PLUS – Robust and waterproof

The perfect partner for every situation.

The CEECOACH PLUS has been given the ingress protection code IP67 and can be used in any weather conditions: rain, brief submersion in water, and very cold or hot temperatures will have no effect on the CEECOACH PLUS. The casing is dust-tight and anti-shock for full protection if things get turbulent on the piste or the MTB trail. Enjoy the view during your ski tour for as long as you want – the CEECOACH PLUS has a battery life of up to 18 hours.

CEECOACH PLUS – Holders and headsets

Stay connected with free movement.

Freedom of movement in sport was an important issue in the development of the new CEECOACH PLUS. Different holders provide optimal assistance for various sports. The oval shape of the CEECOACH PLUS fits well in the palm of your hand and slips easily into the pocket of your jersey or jacket. It can also be conveniently clipped to your clothing or belt. Functional clothing often sports few pockets, so we've added a hook-and-loop armband to wear the CEECOACH PLUS on your arm as well as a lanyard to suspend it from your neck. The CEECOACH PLUS comes with the +Sport wired stereo headset from DeFunc®. Those preferring to go wireless can choose between various Bluetooth® headsets like the Jabra Steel, Boost, or the Jabra Talk 25 Bluetooth® headset. You'll find a list of recommended headphones and headsets here.



Maße (B x H x T):


97 x 57 x 22 mm








Clip in 90°-Stufen einrastbar, Klettarmband, Lanyard


Anzahl Tasten:


5 Tasten














Akku Typ:


Lithium-Ionen Akku, 2000 mAh


Betriebsdauer (Akkulaufzeit):


Bis zu 18 Stunden




-10°C bis 45°C


Ladedauer / Ladezeit:


Bis zu 3 Std.


Umgebungstemperatur zum Akku Laden:


+5°C bis +45°C






Teilnehmer- Anzahl der Personen:


2-16 Teilnehmer




Bis 700 m*




Full-Duplex, CEE Intercom Technologie








Voice Activity Detection (VAD)


Anschluss Headset:


Bluetooth Headset oder Standard 3,5 mm Klinke




Bluetooth® 5.0


Unterstützte Headset Profile:


Headset Profil (HSP)




IP67 (wasserfest - zeitweiliges Untertauchen: 30 min bis 1 m Tiefe, staubdicht, stoßfest)




CE (Europa), FCC (USA), ISED (Kanada), ACMA (Australien)




Softwareupdates unter peiker-cee.de

* Maximale Reichweite wird bei Sichtkontakt erzielt

Scope of supply

    2 x holder
    2 x belt clip
    2 x Velcro strap
    2 x headset
    2 x charging cable
    2 x screwdriver
    2 x Quick Start Guide

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