Why professionals use our products

We are very proud that members of the trade press and numerous professional athletes from all sorts of fields use products developed by us, allowing us to contribute towards their success. You can find out how they use our products here – and what they think of them. 

'With CEECOACH XTREME we have found exactly the right communication system for our wakeboard training. Now we can give our students direct feedback in the training situation, if they are in their absolute fly-high feeling and want to extend the backroll or the rally (or another trick). The feeling of success is guaranteed and our vocal chords are protected.'

Clint Liddy

'I had been looking for a device which would permit interference-free dialogue between trainers and students for a long time'

Isabell Werth
Repeated world champion and olympic winner in dressage

'Our training takes place in any weather whether cold, hot, wet or dry. We are therefore very happy that Ceecoach Xtreme is just as weatherproof as we are. We were convinced by the easy handling, the light weight, the many possibilities to attach Ceecoach to the body and the freedom of movement, which is still guaranteed despite the cables, when using the device for the first time.'

Ute Majer, Rettungshundestaffel Donauschingen

'A convincing communication system which is easy to use for group communication, no matter if you use it on the ski slope, while biking or in any other surrounding or at any other sports which can be done with friends or customers.'

Wolfgang Greiner
Juror ISPO AWARD/Chief editor SkiPresse

'I prefer climbing in a team as the motivation is bigger. An undisturbed communication connection is very important for us and guaranteed with CEECOACH.'

Arnaud Petit
World champion in climbing (France)

'Due to the excellent sound quality and a reach of up to 500m communication between workers aloft and on the ground, customers and surveyors is no obstacle anymore.'

Vogtmann Montage & Klettertechnik
Service Company

'Finally a modern device which is perfectly suited for effective training and the preparation for a competition.'

Terhi Stegars
National team Finland, ranking leader dressage (Finland)

'Training with CEECOACH works perfectly. I can highly recommend this system. Before I had difficulties understanding my coach especially in big riding halls. Thanks to CEECOACH I can understand everything very clearly and my trainer spares his voice at the same time.'

Dr. Elinor Switzer
Chairwomen of Para-Westernriding e.V. / Para Reining rider

'This is an aquirement that is truly worth it. Easy operation, excellent audio quality even in major distances is offered for a reasonable price. Definitely a work of professionals.'

Simone Jakobi
Chief editor Pferdesportjournal

'The use of CEECOACH during ski lessons is for every student an effective support at the training. The student gets new incentives for the training and the trainer can give important feedback directly while the student is skiing.'

Martin Brandlhuber
Coordinator Ski Alpine, Deutscher Skilehrerverband (DSLV)

"Of course my ponies know how to take turns waiting on the horse trailer during training, but most of the time it was not possible without stomping. With the CEECALM it's now simply quiet. I was completely convinced from the day my vet came to the stable for a follow-up check while I was out training with the other ponies. He called me later and told me that the pony was more relaxed than when he first visited me, with his four-legged pals in the stable! I've been using the CEECALM regularly ever since."

Sandra Schäfer
German Champion of the Pony Einspänner, Germany
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