How our products work

It is important to us that our products are as simple and intuitive as possible. Nevertheless, it is worth familiarising yourself with the features and controls before you use them. To help you do this, we have put key information together here.


Instructions for using the CEECOACH range

Please charge your new CEECOACH devices before using them for the first time. To do this, insert the charging cable supplied into the micro USB port and connect it to the mains adaptor provided. The LED will glow yellow permanently. Charging takes a maximum of 4 hours. The LED will turn green as soon as the device is fully charged. Then you can unplug the micro USB cable and connect your headset. 

Read on to find out how to pair CEECOACH units. Our explanatory video (above) also provides clear information. 


Switch CEECOACH on by pressing the round talk button in the middle. The LED will flash white. This means that no role has been allocated to the unit yet. Each CEECOACH group has a moderator and up to 5 participants. You can now assign these roles separately.

First, allocate all participant roles one after another: press and hold the talk button (o) and the minus button (–) for 2 seconds. The LED will quickly flash green.

Once all the participants have been set, the moderator is defined: press and hold the talk button (o) and the plus button (+) for 2 seconds. The LED will then quickly flash blue and search for participant units to pair with. 

Successful pairing: 
After approx. 30–45 seconds, the lights on all the units will flash much more slowly – the moderator blue and the participants green. This indicates that all of the units have been paired successfully. 


Have all the units been set up? Then you can start using them!

If a group consists of just 2 users, the channel will remain open for both parties at all times. The moderator and participant can talk to one another constantly, unless the moderator deliberately mutes the participant.

If a group consists of 3 or more users, all of the participants can hear the moderator at all times. If a participant wants to talk to the moderator, he/she has to press the talk button (o) once. All of the other participants can hear what is said.

However, the moderator can also activate private mode for the current conversation by pressing the talk button on his unit once. Then, the other participants can no longer hear the conversation.

In both cases, the moderator ends the conversation by pressing the talk button (o) twice. Now you know how to use all the key features – for more information, please read the manual or our FAQs.

We hope you enjoy using your CEECOACH.


How to use your CEECALM

Tips for use

To achieve the best results with CEECALM, you should familiarise your horse with it in a stress-free environment (known as conditioning). We recommend switching the device on whenever your horse is being fed and relaxed over the course of 3–4 days. This allows it to form positive associations with the sounds. It is also important that you behave as calmly as possible during this conditioning phase and avoid hectic movements. The familiarisation process should be conducted by someone who is experienced in working with horses. This does not necessarily need to be the owner.  To ensure that CEECALM remains an effective means of calming your horse long-term, it is advisable to recondition the horse again at regular intervals.

CEECALM is supplied with 2 prac-tical brackets – one solid and one flexible – plus 2 elastic straps which are used to attach the device to the bracket. The solid bracket is ideal for longer-term installation. Affix it to a pole or bar, tighten the screws firmly and attach CEECALM to the bracket using one of the elastic straps.

The flexible bracket is designed to allow you to use CEECALM quickly in various places. First, use one of the elastic straps to attach the de-vice to the bracket. Next, put the hook-and-loop tape supplied through the opening on the back, wrap it around the whole bracket once, then thread the end of the tape through the eyelet at the other end. Now you can pull the tape tight and attach it. 2 metal bars on a horsebox are an ideal place to wrap the tape around, for example.

How to use your CEEFIT

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