Extreme conditions
XTREME connection

Innovative Bluetooth® communication for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

The CEECOACH PLUS makes outdoor sports in a group with up to 16 participants a special experience. Ski tours together are more fun, as CEECOACH PLUS keeps you in contact with your group for up to 700 metres.

Stay connected with CEECOACH XTREME, even in extreme conditions. Its rugged, waterproof casing makes it the ideal communication system for outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Experience more together

The new CEECOACH PLUS communication system from peiker CEE keeps you connected in any situation. Make group sport a special experience with outdoor activities for up to 16 users. CEE Intercom Technology ensures a secure network with a range of up to 700 metres. The CEECOACH PLUS uses active speech recognition –no more pressing buttons to speak. It also allows easy communication,familiarisation with the surroundings and the shared fun of sport. The CEECOACH PLUS makes it all possible.

Reliable and robust

CEECOACH XTREME was developed specially for outdoor pursuits and tailored to the needs of people who practise various different sports. This means you can rely on interference-free communication, even in extreme conditions. Its tough, waterproof casing not only protects it from knocks and dust, but also makes it perfect for use on or near water. What’s more, it can be strapped in place securely with its elastic neoprene armband – and the waterproof Jabra Active headsets included as standard will stay in place, even during extreme activities.

Ready for action

Whether you are a coach who wants to give instructions to students or are planning a sporting activity with your friends, CEECOACH XTREME enables you to communicate reliably within a group in almost any situation. 

For instance, it allows skiers and snowboarders to stay in touch with one another in deep powder, helps windsurfers and canoeists to communicate in heavy seas, or enables bikers and mountaineers to tell one another what routes or rock faces are like. As well as making the experience more fun, this also enhances safety.

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