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Innovative Bluetooth® communication for riders.

The CEECOACH PLUS makes group training with up to 16 participants a special experience. Riding lessons together are even more effective, because with CEECOACH PLUS you stay in contact with your trainer at up to 700 metres.

CEECOACH 2 ensures better communication during equestrian coaching – and offers greater freedom of movement than ever before by supporting Bluetooth® headsets. With CEECOACH 2, as many as 6 users can talk to one another over a distance of up to 500 metres.

Our classic model, CEECOACH 1 is the ideal option for anyone who does not need a Bluetooth® headset. It is based on the same technology as CEECOACH 2 and can easily be paired with second-generation devices using the latest software.


The acoustic calming device for horses.

CEECALM is a unique calming device which uses acoustic stimuli to soothe horses, thereby reducing symptoms of stress. This makes both the animals and their owners calmer. 

Visualize your

The fitness tracker for horses.

CEEFIT - The fitness tracker for horses. Smartphones, fitness tracker and automatically synchronizing calendars make our everyday life easier and organize our daily activities. With our CEEFIT, we analyze your training. Gone are the days of loose sheets and training diaries. Redesign your training by measuring and visualizing it.

CEECOACH is the ideal tool for equestrian coaching. Thanks to its reliable Bluetooth® connection, outstanding voice quality and intuitive operation, riding coaches can communicate with their students better – and give them instructions directly in both one-to-one and group lessons. As well as saving the coach’s voice, this helps to make students calmer when they are preparing for a competition because other people cannot hear the commands. 

CEECOACH therefore paves the way for more efficient lessons and lasting coaching success. The system is flexible, simple and completely independent of smartphones and mobile networks. 

Communication for everyone

We developed CEECOACH in close collaboration with riding coaches and professional athletes. This means we could ensure that our communication systems meet all users’ needs. 

Our approach has proved successful. We are proud that CEECOACH is an official sponsor of the FN (German Equestrian Federation) and an official supplier to Germany’s national U18 and U21 teams as well as the Paralympic team. Isabell Werth, multiple world champion and Olympic gold medallist in dressage, is also impressed by CEECOACH and collaborated with us on a sophisticated special edition.

Acoustic calming

Our products are designed to help you enjoy riding even more and to provide you with practical solutions when you are working with your horse. CEECALM takes a totally new approach to achieving this. 

Tested and further developed under veterinary guidance, CEECALM uses specific acoustic stimuli to help relax horses and reduce agitation in stressful situations. It does this with the aid of natural trigger sounds which have a soothing effect on horses and can be used almost anywhere.

Incredibly flexible

CEECALM is compact, lightweight and can be affixed in all sorts of places. It is suitable for use in tight spaces – such as stables and horseboxes – and several units can also be operated together to cover larger areas. Professionals are impressed by it too:

“CEECALM really is an amazing device. It is easy to transport, meaning that it helps to calm stressed horses in all sorts of places. That’s important because you can only train productively and ride successfully if the horse is relaxed.”

Isabell Werth
Multiple world champion and Olympic gold medallist in dressage

Riding is a sport in which your progress is mainly perceived through gut feeling, your instructor, or judges. You train both sides of your horse equally – but do you know that you really are for sure? CEEFIT tells you how much time you've ridden on which rein, so that you can use this information to adjust your further training. Monitor and support your horse's training level to achieve your goals. The CEEFIT fitness tracker, CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode girth, and Seaver app collect and analyse your horse's movements and health during your ride. They deliver objective facts and figures that are then stored in the Seaver app for you to analyse and compare with your own perceptions. 

Heart rate, pulse, ECG, analysis of symmetry of movement, analysis of completed jumps – the focus lies on maintaining the health of your horse through an individually designed training plan. peiker CEE and our partner, the French manufacturer Seaver, are certain – the CEEFIT lets you plan sustainable fitness training programmes for your horse. Join us in bringing digital technology to equestrian sport. Integrate CEEFIT into your daily work, measure your progress and design your training sustainable to maintain the health of your horse. 

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