• The fitness tracker for horses – CEEFIT Capteur und CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode girth.

  • Measure your training with the combined CEEFIT Sensor and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode girth. You'll find in the Seaver app a complete training analysis for each session, presenting data and various values in relation to your horse's heart rate.
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Visualize your training. Now.

Smartphones, fitness trackers, and automatically synchronised calendars have been making our lives easier and help us to organise our daily activities. CEEFIT now brings digital technology to equestrian sport training. The days of writing on scraps of paper and in training notebooks are long gone. Redesign your training through digital measurement and analysis.

Riding is a sport in which your progress is mainly perceived through gut feeling, your instructor, or judges. You train both sides of your horse equally – but do you know that you really are for sure? CEEFIT tells you how much time you've ridden on which rein, so that you can use this information to adjust your further training. Monitor and support your horse's training level to achieve your goals.

The CEEFIT fitness tracker, CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode girth, and Seaver app collect and analyse your horse's movements and health during your ride. They deliver objective facts and figures that are then stored in the Seaver app for you to analyse and compare with your own perceptions.

Heart rate, pulse, ECG, analysis of symmetry of movement, analysis of completed jumps – the focus lies on maintaining the health of your horse through an individually designed training plan. peiker CEE and our partner, the French manufacturer Seaver, are certain – the CEEFIT lets you plan sustainable fitness training programmes for your horse. Join us in bringing digital technology to equestrian sport. Integrate CEEFIT into your daily work, measure your progress and design your training sustainable to maintain the health of your horse.

The advantages of monitoring your training:

  • Measure your training exercises
  • Monitor your horse's health
  • See steady progress
  • Prepare a sustainable training programme
  • Analyse your jumping performance
  • Build condition
  • Improve quality of movement
  • Increase performance sustainable



CEEFIT Vorteile

CEEFIT – For healthy training.


In the Seaver app under Biomechanics, you can see your horse's symmetry at trot. Seeing deviations from the norm or irregularities in motion at trot will help you avoid overtraining. Do you and your horse find tracking to the left easier? An analysis shows you the distribution of the direction ridden in percentages so that you ride your dressage lessons with equal distribution over both reins. You can then organise your next training session using the analysis of time per ridden gait, rhythm and upward-downward movement, i.e., how collected was your horse. With the CEEFIT Sensor you can prevent overtraining and work on continual improvements to the quality of your horse's gaits. 

CEEFIT – for healthy jumping training.


A ride through a jumping course is over almost before it starts. The Seaver app lets you can document your round and get a detailed overview of your performance. Under Obstacle, you'll see the number of jumps you completed and your horse's jumping behaviour. You can use the data on rhythm during approach, take-off angle, take-off speed, deviation, and height over the fence to adapt your jumping training. Use the jumping analysis to switch combinations and optimise your approach to the jump. The parameters on energy absorbed on landing and symmetry of thrust in the hindquarters allow you to minimise the risk of damage to your horse's joints and tendons. The CEEFIT Sensor lets you follow the progression of your jumping training and helps you optimise your performance on the course.

CEEFIT – Track speed and GPS.


Whether you're on a leisurely hack or competing professionally in eventing, good condition is essential for both you and your horse. The Seaver app's Speed feature tracks your cross country training. Take your smartphone along on your hack to record your route via GPS signal. The CEEFIT Sensor records your speed in km/h for each gait. Together with the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Girth, you'll get supplementary information on your horse's health. Monitor heart rate with the Health feature and manage your cross country work. Conditioning and muscle development will prevent overstraining your horse's heart and musculoskeletal system. Keep this in mind when analysing your performance. 

CEEFIT Health – Monitor heart rate and calorie intake.


Whether you're training for dressage, show jumping, eventing or carriage driving, your horse's health takes top priority. How high was your horse's heart rate during your training session, and how many calories were burned? Such criteria are part of every athlete's regular routine for improving performance. With the CEEFIT Sensor and the CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Girth, you can measure your horse's pulse and heart rate on the jumping course or during a hack to analyse energy output. The Health function gives you results on training intensity over the Seaver app. Collect data over longer periods for a better overview of your horse's general health. Detect deviations quickly and adjust training and diet to improve performance level over time. 

CEEFIT – Easy to use, fast results.


The CEEFIT Sensor and CEEFIT Pulse & ECG Electrode girth let you monitor your horse's physical activity and health. Download the Seaver app from the App Store or Google Play and activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone. Search and find the CEEFIT Sensor; take your smartphone with you on the ride or synchronise the two devices afterwards over a Bluetooth® connection. Before your ride, attach the CEEFIT Sensor to the holder on the electrode girth and then attach this to your saddle girth. Place the elastic band with the attached electrodes under the saddle flap behind your horse's left shoulder blade. The Seaver app stores health data such as heart rate and pulse under Health.  

CEEFIT – Add-on for equine health.


Horses, like all other athletes, only reach their full potential when their training includes attention to their physical and mental condition. Many athletes today, whether amateur or pro, use smart devices like speed sensors or step counters to track their training and work towards their goals while keeping their health in mind. Get additional features, like sharing your results with your riding instructor and exercises to improve your training, through the Seaver app and our peiker CEE newsletter.



The CEEFIT Sensor lets you collect data on your horse's movement during training. The Seaver app gives you recorded data in real time. Download the Seaver app from the App Store or Google Play and activate Bluetooth® on your smartphone. Search and find the CEEFIT Sensor; take your smartphone with you on the ride or synchronise the two devices afterwards over a Bluetooth® connection. Place the handy CEEFIT Sensor in the silicone clip and attach it to your saddle girth. Its position between your horse's front legs makes it practical for everyday use. If you have a CEEFIT Pulse & ECG electrode belt, attach the CEEFIT sensor to the holder provided and attach the holder to your saddle girth. After your ride, you can analyse your performance through the data recorded in the various areas of the Seaver app. 



Maße (B x H x T):


10,2mm x 3mm x 1,5mm


















Akku Typ:


Lithium-Ionen Akku, 700 mAh


Betriebsdauer (Akkulaufzeit):


Bis zu 20 Stunden




0°C bis +45°C


Ladedauer / Ladezeit:


Bis zu 4 Stunden


Umgebungstemperatur zum Akku Laden:


0°C bis +45°C




Kabelloses Laden


Telefon - Unterstützte Profile:


IOS & Android


Smart Watch - Unterstützte Profile:


Apple Watch, Samsung Watch (Tizen)








CE (Europa), FCC (USA)




Via App


  • CEEFIT Sensor
  • Silikonklammer
  • Ladekabel
  • Kabelloses Ladegerät
  • Maßband
  • Kurze Bedienungsanleitung


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