Acoustic calming device incl. 2 brackets.
  • CEECALM® is a unique product which uses acoustic stimuli to calm horses, reducing symptoms of stress. It is lightweight, portable and versatile, meaning it can be used to soothe horses almost anywhere. 

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The principle behind CEECALM

Tested and further developed under veterinary guidance, the way in which CEECALM works is based on horses’ social behaviour. For instance, the sound of a horse grazing has a soothing effect on other horses. Their posture becomes more relaxed and they often start feeding as well. We analysed these natural trigger sounds and put them together so that you can use them to counteract symptoms of stress in your horse even in different environments using CEECALM.

For use anywhere

CEECALM is portable and fits in almost any space, so it can help you and your horse wherever it is needed. It is supplied with 2 brackets, enabling you to install it permanently – e.g. in a stable – or mount it in different places quickly and easily. As it is battery-powered, you can site it anywhere, regardless of power sources. You can also use several units together to cover larger areas. As the sounds used are natural, the overall effect is always harmonious. 

Einmalig vielseitig

Uniquely versatile

Every horse is unique and perceives its surroundings differently. That is why we designed CEECALM in such a way that it can soothe animals in lots of different situations:

  • Getting used to a new environment or owner.
  • Calming horses during transport and loading.
  • Reducing stress during veterinary examinations.
  • Distraction when horses are separated.
  • General relaxation in stables.
  • Preventing fear, e.g. during storms.

Technical Specifications




5 V / 1 A 


Charging time: 


2½ hours


running time:


Min. 4 hours (depending on volume)




71 × 48 × 71 mm 




173 g




0 °C  to +45 °C

*Deviations possible depending on method of use.
**Maximum range is reached when visual contact is given.

Scope of Supply

  • 1 x CEECALM®
  • 1 x Protective case
  • 1 x Charging cable
  • 1 x Solid bracket with screw mount
  • 2 x elasticated straps
  • 1 x Flexible bracket with hook-and-loop tape
  • 1 x Manual
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